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Blowdown Separator Specifications

The following information is required.

Provide one (1) Wilson Engineering 183NB/77um blowdown separator. Unit shall be sized to flash bottom blowdown down to 212F and cool the resulting drained condensate to 140F. Blowdown shall enter through a __________inch with the maximum pressure of _________psi @__________F.

Unit shall be capable of cooling _________gpm of hot condensate from 212F to 140F. Flash steam is released to atmosphere through an __________inch vent line. Blowdown separator shall be fabricated of carbon steel, ASME rated for 50 psi and National Board stamped.

Manufacturer shall provide:

  • Stamped 16" diameter carbon steel vessel. ASME rated for 50 psig*
  • _________inch 150# flanged inlet connection
  • _________inch 150# flanged vent and __________inch 150# flanged drain
  • _________inch 150# flanged aftercooler
  • Automatic Temperature regulating cooling water control package.
  • Floor mounting brackets.

Acceptable manufacturer must have built this type of unit for at least 5 years. Manufacturers not able to provide detailed drawings and flow requirements will not be accepted. No outside controls shall be necessary for the proper operation of this unit.

*Higher pressure ratings are available upon request.